EXO Mini


The Exo Mini™ is an easy and effective atomizing diffuser system, perfect in areas where power outlets are not available. Created to sit tabletop or mount on a wall, this versatile diffuser produces ultra-fine atomized particles delivering a perfectly balanced mist. Battery-powered/USB cable. 

Equipped with Bluetooth technology, making it simple to set up and control your customized scenting experience anytime. 

Like other Arizona Air-Scent diffusers, the Exo Mini uses ultra-fine atomizing technology to scent your space in an environmentally friendly way, producing the highest quality of fragrance. 

Excellent for lobbies, hallways, hospitals and so much more. 

Size (in): 5.8 x 2.3 x 6.3
Volume (fl oz)3.4
Weight (oz): 13.4
Coverage (sq ft): 232
Power: Battery (2) 1.5V/USB 5V

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