Our Story

Arizona Air-Scent is an industry leader in Scent Marketing, Scent Branding, Scent Strategies, and all other air-care solutions.

An expert in commercial air care and a pioneer in growing the commercial scenting industry for over 30 years. Led by our Founder/President Sam Habbel, and his wife Debbi, Arizona Air-Scent provides scenting solutions nationwide.

Our Commitment
To continually improve our product offerings and provide outstanding customer support. Our specialty is ambient scent branding and refined air care expertise and applications.

Unlike many of our competitors, we can innovate to your scenting needs through our in-house fragrance manufacturing division, and as a premium service, create a signature, custom-made fragrance that truly defines your brand and specific business goals.

Our Mission

To enhance your business marketing strategy by providing world-class fragrance delivery systems and customer service utilizing the latest technology, innovation, and customization solutions.

Custom Solutions

We are pushing the limits with the most innovative and sustainable scent technology.

Research and development are done in-house at our headquarters in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. Our team shares a passion for growing the scenting industry with innovation and strategy.

We stand firmly behind our products and are dedicated to exceeding our customer’s expectations. Our team takes its inspiration from our natural surroundings. We place great emphasis on creating commercial scenting solutions that are effective, useful, and more importantly, sustainably sourced and eco-friendly.

Partnered With

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The ultimate form of emotional marketing.

The evolution of marketing in the 21st Century has challenged business owners and marketers to find new and exciting ways to make their brands stand out from the competition. This modern business landscape is forcing businesses to think outside of the box of traditional forms of marketing to captivate, convert, and retain customers.

Our Goal
It aims to help businesses complete their core marketing goals by incorporating a unique strategy that taps into the emotional parts of the brain by creating positive initial impressions and memorable experiences. Make your brand unforgettable using our scent marketing solutions. 

Part of our mission is to educate our partners and help them make sound business decisions when selecting their scent provider.

Visit our resources page to learn more about how our business solutions can benefit your bottom line.
Partnership Properties
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Signature Fragrances
At Arizona Air-Scent, we value our partnerships, whether it is a member of our supply chain or an end-user customer.

Our fragrances are manufactured in the USA, ensuring they are made with the highest quality of ingredients and are subject to stringent quality assurance laws. We place great emphasis on transparency and operate using the highest ethical standards, seeking to preserve both our local and global economies. 

Our raw materials are sourced from renewable and sustainable sources using fair-trade standards and are never tested on animals.