commercial scenting

create a unique brand experience

the science

The Olfactory is the special sense through which smell is perceived, and processed by the limbic system.

Memories and emotions are kept on the same side of the brain creating a direct emotional connection with smell.

scent = memory + emotion

Luxury Brands Across All Industries Are Utilizing Scent

Arizona Air-Scent provides custom scenting solutions for over 2000 businesses nationwide.

Why partner with us

No contracts and no startup costs
Update fragrance at no additional charge
Unlimited fragrance capabilities
Option to customize any fragrance
All inquiries are handled within 24hrs
Replacement of inoperable dispensers at no charge
Service is performed every 28 days
Did we mention no contracts

how it works

Determine the space(s). Choose a scent. See results.
Our patented diffusing technology emits a balanced and effective aroma for a uniquely emotional experience.

Scent Marketing

The art of connecting with a customer on an emotional level through the use of fragrance.

The science of smell activates certain emotions, connecting the emotion to that brand and creating a memory.

Scent Marketing allows brands to enhance the first impression, increase linger time, strengthen brand perception, trigger buying behaviors, and create brand loyalty all through fragrance.

auto-ship program

Get fragrance delivered directly to your business.
Our Auto-Ship Program is designed to make it easy for you. We set you up with a diffuser system and ship fragrances every 28 days.

Scent Branding

Capture what sets your business apart in the form of fragrance.

Developing a scent identity or “scent logo” is a personalized process to define what your scent brand is. Understanding the culture and goal of a business is key in creating a scent identity. The goal is to develop a desired emotional response from clients and keep them connected to your brand.