Scent Marketing For

Auto Dealerships

Your guests deserve a sensory experience that will stick in their memories and encourage them to share their experiences and return in the future.
Each year, more companies are introducing a scenting strategy to connect with their customers on a deeper level.
Retailers invest in creating beautiful showrooms understanding that the atmosphere is critical in creating a positive first impression.
The showroom will always allow customers to engage with vehicles, explore, learn, and purchase. In that moment, they will require a hands-on, multi-sensory experience. 

It’s here that lies the opportunity to:
Create a consistent multi-sensory brand experience
Maximize the time spent in the showroom
Build brand loyalty through memorable experiences
Influence and inspire customers’ intent to purchase
The auto industry is one of the most fiercely competitive industries. Customers have a tremendous amount of options available to them. First impressions are everything.
Excited Couple Buying New Car Image
Studies have proven an undeniable link between our olfactory senses and overall customer experience and satisfaction.
When asked what’s the best part of driving a new car, the majority 42% of consumers rated the smell of the new car as the best part of the experience. The experience of smell was picked over the look and feel of the new vehicle and the sound of the engine. The experience of purchasing a car is far more than a simple transaction for many consumers who often recall a full multi-sensory experience.
Engaging all the senses in balance creates stronger message structures from the brain, creating differentiation and stronger memories of the brand.
– Dr Andy Myers, Walnut Unlimited

What we know

Arizona Air-Scent understands the incredible benefits of a scent marketing strategy, and our products will help you successfully implement it. Fragrance, when applied correctly can attract customers, encourage them to browse longer, and improve brand perception and customer loyalty.

Scent marketing makes your business memorable. Our collection of fragrances and commercial diffusers offers various options to fit your needs.

Are you ready to enhance your business with scent marketing?
Car Salesman Assisting A Buyer
80% of new car shoppers would not purchase a car before interacting with it.
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According to experts, the US auto industry is projected to grow 7.2% from 2020 – 2025.
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The US auto industry is among the largest in the world, contributing over 3% to the overall Gross Domestic Product.

The Halo Effect

The perception of your multifamily community is based on more than just visuals. Why is that? It turns out, the answer lies in a phenomenon known as “the halo effect.”

In short, the Halo Effect describes a person’s cognitive bias toward something or someone based on a single trait. In terms of business, this means people are likely to perceive the value of your product or service based on other, unrelated traits or factors.

World-Class Equipment

The best way to incorporate fragrances is through commercial scent diffusers. There are a variety of options, from mini diffusers when power outlets are not available to lightweight dispensers that allow the scent to flow through vents. No matter the size of your property, there’s a diffuser to fit.

In addition, diffusers can be used in bathrooms, gyms, clubhouses, and more. Aroma scent marketing should expand to every aspect of your property, from the front door to a guest’s room.

Our expert technicians can scan your property and help determine what the best system is for each space.

Over 3,000 Fragrances

Our Master Perfumer has been creating some of the world’s most artful fragrance compositions. We can customize any fragrance to help our partners produce a unique and exclusive aroma.
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Signature Fragrances

Autoship Service

Our Autoship Service makes scenting your property simple, convenient, and consistent.

Arizona Air-Scent understands the importance of responsive service. We pride ourselves on 24/7 customer support.

We recognize the incredible benefits of a scent marketing strategy, and our products will help you successfully implement it.

Contact us today to set up an Autoship Service for your brand.