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Enhance the experience of your property with a fragrance that will make a lasting impression.
We are in the business of adding value to properties with customized fragrances.

Our 25+ years of experience show how a scenting strategy can make all the difference. We deliver dependable, consistent service and also offer auto-ship programs.
If you want a more modern take on connecting with prospects, a scent marketing strategy can make all the difference in bringing in new residents.
When someone is taking a tour of a studio, condo, or apartment, the right scent can make them want to spend more time in it, increasing the likelihood they will want to become a resident. Since smell can boost positivity, they are more likely to focus on the positive aspects of the unit vs. any negatives.

Perhaps they aren’t excited about the size of the walk-in closet, but if their mood is already elevated from the smell of vanilla, they might overlook it.
Each year, more companies are introducing a scenting strategy to connect with their customers on a deeper level.

What we know

Arizona Air-Scent understands the incredible benefits of a scent marketing strategy, and our products will help you successfully implement it. The sense of smell helps influence your prospect’s mood, persuading them to consider your property over competitors.

From high-rise apartments to intimate studios, scent marketing, and branding are key factors in converting prospects into residents. Our collection of fragrances and commercial diffusers offers various options to fit your needs.

Are you ready to enhance your business with scent marketing?

The Halo Effect

The perception of your multifamily community is based on more than just visuals. Why is that? It turns out, the answer lies in a phenomenon known as “the halo effect.”

In short, the Halo Effect describes a person’s cognitive bias toward something or someone based on a single trait. In terms of business, this means people are likely to perceive the value of your product or service based on other, unrelated traits or factors.
Apartment Multi-Purpose Space Image
Multi-Purpose SpaceClubhouses, rec-rooms, cafes, etc.

Pleasing aromas have been proven to relax and captivate people. Utilizing fragrance in a common area such as a multi-purpose room or clubhouse creates an environment inviting people to congregate and enjoy.

Recommended Diffusers:
Apartment Model Unit Image
Model UnitsSmall, medium, and large units

Staging models with stylish furniture and decor is such an important step when attracting new tenants. However, it is not complete without an inviting fragrance to meet them in their first few steps inside.

Recommended Diffusers:
Apartment Lobby Image
Lobby/EntranceSmall, medium, and large spaces

First impressions are everything. Whether it is a potential new tenant or a visitor, the beautiful fragrance that greets them as they walk through your doors will boost their mood creating a lasting impression.

Recommended Diffusers:
Apartment Fitness Center Image
Fitness CenterKeeps the gym feeling fresh

Spaces such as fitness centers and gyms naturally have the potential for unpleasant aromas. Our fragrance technology not only neutralizes odor but gives a feeling of being in a fresh and clean environment.

Recommended Diffusers:
Apartment Hallway Image
HallwaysCorridors and tour paths

Fragrance along your tour hallways can help convert prospects into tenants. Our fragrance technology neutralizes odor that may creep into hallways and replaces it with a pleasant aroma, creating an enjoyable experience.

Recommended Diffusers:
Apartment Trash Room Image
Trash RoomEliminates odor of trash buildup

Controlling odor in the trash room is essential. Nobody wants to step out of the elevator to an unpleasant aroma following them to the door. Our technology not only controls odor but will produce a heavenly fragrance.

Recommended Diffusers:

Patented Diffusing Technology

The best way to introduce fragrance is through commercial scent diffusers.

We have developed a diverse collection of diffusers that are effective in any size business. Our patented technology diffuses oil in its purest form allowing a balanced and customizable fragrance to fill your space.

Our expert technicians can scan your property and help determine what the best system is for each space.