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  • Scent Dreamer™ and Scent Dreamer™ Lite

    The Dreamer™ is a powerful and easy to use Atomizing Diffuser System with a built-in 24-hour battery back-up ON/OFF timer. Available in either portable or wall-mounted configurations. Perfect for numerous fragrance and odor control applications in extra-large areas. Excellent for use in lobbies, banquet halls casinos, hospitals, and so much more.

  • The Fantom™ and Mini Fantom™

    The Fantom™ a simple and flexible solution that is ideal for creating impression -based scent experiences in any environment. It uses a dry-air technology that releases fragrance by means of evaporation diffusion. Adjustable duration and intensity settings and built-in 24-hour timer make it easy to customize the scent output for any environment. The Fantom offers multiple installation options and is easy to maintain.

  • Powershots

    Powershots™ represents the pinnacle of ambient fragrance refinement. Inspired by European herbal and botanical essences, Powershots™ has 400 times the fragrance load performance over the competition. Powershots™ is among the family of Arizona Air-Scent® all mist™ metered sprays that are scientifically designed to provide comprehensive ambient scenting. The fine, dry mist is non-staining and stays suspended in the air for maximum and sustained performance.

  • Expert XL1 and Expert Mini

    The Expert XL1 and Expert Mini are easy and effective atomizing diffuser systems, perfect in areas where power outlets are not available. They run on D-size batters (4 and 2, respectively) and deliver a pleasant mist. Excellent for lobbies, hallways, hospitals and so much more.

  • The Amazer

    Excellent alternative for plug in units. Delivers effective atomizing and diffusing aromas. Perfect for homes and can use essential oils and high quality aromatherapy products.

  • RuMate

    The perfect way to control odors discreetly and easily, this compact, sturdy dispenser allows for maximum fragrance flow through specially placed side vents and utilizes natural air and evaporation, so it requires no batteries. The RüMate™ uses Solid Square Wafer™ air freshener refills to provide long lasting effective odor neutralization and aroma enhancement to any location.

    Because of its slim profile, the RüMate™ can be placed just about anywhere, specifically it’s best utilized in very smaller spaces such elevators, lockers, under desks, trash bin lids, hotel rooms, foyers, small restrooms, portable toilets, shuttle vehicles or wherever discreet odor control is required. As a passive air freshener, it utilizes natural air and evaporation, so no batteries are needed.

  • The Odyssey™

    The Odyssey™ Professional in size and made from high impact durable polymers, its three-way ventilation for maximum air flow. Dust resistant plastic. Choose from 4 attractive, high-gloss decorator finishes to complement the sleek European design. It uses a dry-air technology that releases fragrance by means of evaporation diffusion. Vandal-resistant design.