Remove old bottle and discard. DO NOT mix old fragrances with new fragrances or fragrance output will be affected due to contamination. 

Use an appropriate-sized bottle of Alcohol for each unit. It is imperative that the alcohol run be done each time! 

Note what custom level your diffuser is currently at.

Remove old bottle, screw on a bottle of alcohol, put back in the unit, turn on, and put the level up on “10”. Run for one cycle. 

Remove alcohol bottle and replace with new fragrance bottle. MAKE SURE YOU TURN THE INTENSITY BACK DOWN TO YOUR CUSTOM LEVEL”. 

Running your diffuser on an extremely high level will use up your fragrance before your next auto-ship. 

Please let us know if your units seem to be running at incorrect times. This would indicate that the timing has been changed since we programmed.  

These were programmed to start at 8:00 am and turn off at 6:00 pm your time with the exception of the fitness centers. Those are from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.  Even if you are a 24-hour fitness, you will have sufficient fragrance after the unit has turned off. 

If you have ANY questions regarding the timing of the units or the intensity of units, please contact us below.