There is a “AA: battery inside each unit that will need to be inserted.  Once you open the unit (there are keys included), you will see that the battery needs to be inserted in order for the digital display to light up.  This is programmed just like an aerosol dispenser.  Follow the simple steps: 

On the metal or black plastic unit, remove the “window” cover and you will see the digital window.

When you insert the battery, the digits should all show “0” across. 

The first category is “clock” 

Push the “hour” button, followed by the “min” button to get to the correct time.  Remember military time — 1:00 pm in the afternoon will be 13:00. 

Hit the blue “mode” button to see “start” – hit the hour button until you get to the correct start time – we usually start it one hour before opening. 

Hit the blue “mode” button to see “stop” – hit the hour button until you get to the correct stop time – we usually set it at closing time (6 pm or 18:00) 

Hit the blue “mode” button THREE times to see it come back to “click”.  it is ready to start. 

Hit the red “on/off” button and it will take about 15 seconds for the fan to start (should have a blinking light to indicate it is turning on) 

When the fan turns on it will be loud and will need to be turned down.  Find a silver dial next to the battery and turn counter-clockwise to turn the fan down.  Do it slowly so you don’t turn the fan completely off.  You should feel a gentle breeze — if you can hear the fan running loudly it is turned too high. 

You are now ready to insert your wafers. 

Cut the top of the plastic package and put the wafer into the shutters.  Please note you can move these shutters up and down which will allow more airflow or will restrict air flow, depending on the fragrance level you want.  It will not hurt you to touch the wafers but we always try to load the wafer from the package directly into the unit without touching the wafer.  If you do come in contact, wash your hands so you won’t smell like the fragrance all day long!

Each mini fantom takes 3 wafers (or less, to your liking) and the Fantom (black) takes 4 wafers, for larger areas. 

On the black Fantom unit the “window cover” may have been removed and placed inside so you don’t have to try to work it out.  If the window cover is still there, press slightly on the front of it while using your other finger to pull up on the cover.  Once it is running and installed you should place the window covering back in to keep people from changing your settings. 

If at any time you make an error, the clock will reset itself after about 15-20 seconds and you can re-program.   

The units need to be plugged in and left to turn on/off with their programming.  No need to turn off at night. 

If anyone is turning off their breakers in any of their locations (i.e. models), please call me BEFORE installation as we need to discuss the best location for your unit.  If you only turn off your lights at closing in model, there will be no problems.