How to Mount the Odyssey

Units need to be mounted on a wall approximately 6-1/2 to 7 feet up from floor level. 

Use the hardware that we have provided to you 

Before starting installation, pull out the bottom tray/cup which will then reveal where you need to drill. 

The best place to put the unit is right inside the door (i.e. in the restroom place it close to the door where air movement will circulate fragrance, even more, when doors are opened and closed). 

DO NOT mount the unit ABOVE the door of restrooms – we consider this unsafe. 

After inserting the first screw (above the motor) then make sure the unit is level and insert the 2nd screw. 

You can then push the motor assembly up to cover the first screw and you can insert the bottom tray which WILL cover the 2nd screw. 

DO NOT hang the unit on a screw or use any type of sticky tape as the weight of the unit may cause it to fall. 

Unit ONLY NEEDS ONE BATTERY even though there is a place for 2 batteries. 

Carefully open the wafer and take it out of the wrapper and place it against the back of the inside of the unit.  This will also cause it to evaporate more slowly and to keep the fragrance from being too strong.