Units need to be mounted on a wall approximately 7 feet up from floor level.

Use the hardware that we have provided to you 

The best place to put the unit is right inside the door (i.e. in the restroom place it close to the door where air movement will circulate fragrance, even more, when doors are opened and closed) or in the case of the hallway, fairly close to the entrance making sure you are not having the spray come down directly on visitors. CONTACT US IF ANY QUESTIONS! 

DO NOT mount the unit ABOVE the door of restrooms – we consider this unsafe. 

The unit has been programmed for you but can be modified if you like.  Since this is for a hallway we have it programmed from 7:00 am to 19:00 (7:00 pm) daily.  There is no need for it to spray 24 hours a day. 

DO NOT hang the unit on a screw or use any type of sticky tape as the weight of the unit may cause it to fall. 

Screw should be placed on the right-hand top corner and on the left-hand bottom corner – 2 screws are sufficient. 

After installing, insert the can and push the red button to activate. You should take notice and occasionally wipe down the front and window of the unit.  Every 28 days open the unit, turn it off (this will reset the timer)  If you are participating in our Autoship program, refills will be sent every 56 days. (you will receive a box with a big note on the outside “change your fragrances now”.)